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Responsibility of administration and management is vested in a Board of Directors composed of 22 members, 17 are elected by the representatives of members of the Bank one each from 17 Districts, 3 are government nominees including registrar of co-operative societies (RCS) -Gujarat State. One representative of state co-operative Bank, and one Managing Director. Thus total number of members of the Board of Directors is 22. This Board meets quarterly to decide policy affairs. Different Committees have been formed from amongst the members of the Board such as Executive Committee, Loan Committee and administrative Committee. These Committees meet as and when required for the work delegated to them. Managing Director of the Bank is appointed by the Board in consultation with the State Govt. He is the Chief Executive of the Bank and an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors. Term of office of the members of the Board of Directors is for the period of 5 years and a new board is constituted on the expiry of the term. Bank is equipped with administrative machinery consisting of senior management, middle level management and junior level staff of different categories posted at Head office, district offices and branch offices of the Bank..