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Bank gives loan for following purposes:

Sr.No Purpose
1 Kishan Vikas Loan (KVL)
2 Personal Loan
3 Cash Credit Loan
4 Life Irrigation.
5 Installation of pipelines. (Cement/PVC)
6 Purchase of moat (Persian wheel) for irrigation.
7 Sprinkler irrigation / Drip Irrigation.
8 Electrification of well.
9 Milch animal (cow, buffalo, goat, sheep)
10 Construction of milk house for Milk Society.
11 Dairy development-dairy plant, construction of cold storage, and dairy expansion.
12 Construction of cattle shed.
13 Construction of farm house and rural godown.
14 Development of fodder land and fodder cultivation.
15 Gobar gas plant/biogas plant.
16 Plantation of coconut, mangoes, chiku, guava, bananas and other fruit trees.
17 Plantation of tree crops for development of waste land.
18 Purchase of tractor, power tiller, trailer and other implements.
19 Purchase of opener/thresher,
20 Land leveling, construction of kyari, cantor bounding and such other land improvement works.
21 Wire fencing for crop protection in orchards.
22 Construction/expansion of buildings for Agriculture Produce Market Yards.
23 Construction of cold storage for potatoes and other vegetables.
24 Construction of roofs for preserving onions.
25 Construction of rural godown for Co-operative Societies.
26 Purchase of bullocks, bullock cart, and camel cart.
27 Poultry farming.
28 Fisheries.
29 Farm forestry.
30 Development of waste land.
31 Development of cottage & village industries and handicrafts.
32 Rural housing
33 Medium term Kisan Credit card
34 Higher education loan
35 Non farm sector activities like food processing industries, cottage industries,quarries, SRTO etc.
36 Road Transport Vehicles, /cars/Trucks.
37 Consumer Loan :- For purchase of T.V., Washing machine, Refrigerator, Flour mill, Computer/Lap Top, Furniture items etc.
38 Gold loan
39 Construction of new well/repairing-Deeping of old well.

* Providing advances for more than 300 purpose, more Information Contact Nearest Branch