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  • The Gujarat State Co-op. Agri. & Rural Dev. Bank Ltd. has started Medium Term KVL Scheme since 1.12.2005.
  • According to provision of the Gujarat State Co-op., Act, the bank is not permitted for short term lending.
  • Recently, the bank has started new scheme which is called "SWARNIM KRUSHI VIKAS LOAN SCHEME" for lending Rs. 3 lacs for 3 years period.
  • Salient features of the scheme :
    1. Purposes Included : Fertilizers, Pesticides, Seeds, Purchase of Agri. Machinery Maintenance, Payment of Agricultural Electricity Bill etc.
    2. Amount and Repayment Period :
    3. Details Amount Period
      K.V.L. Rs. 3 lac to 5 lac. 3 years (6 Half yearly installment)
    4. Inspection Fee :
    5. The first time, the minimum amount of loan demand Rs 500 / - or the loan amount at the rate of 1% - which one is higher
    6. Due Dates (Half Yearly)
      • 31st May and 30th November every year.
      • Out of total advances more than 50% share of Krushi Vikas Loan lies in total disbursement of the bank. Recovery percentage is also higher with compare to all other purposes.
  • Being a long term financial institution, our KVL scheme is different as compared to all other banks.
  • Above KVL loan is available in all our branches of the State in which KVL recovery percentage is higher than 80%.
  • Rate of Interest :Click Here