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The Gujarat State Co-op. Agri. & Rural Dev. Bank Ltd. has started Medium Term KVL Scheme since 1.12.2005.

According to provision of the Gujarat State Co-op., Act, the bank is not permitted for short term lending.

Recently, the bank has started new scheme which is called "SWARNIM KRUSHI VIKAS LOAN SCHEME" for lending Rs. 3 lacs for 3 years period.

Salient features of the scheme :

1. Purposes Included : Fertilizers, Pesticides, Seeds, Purchase of Agri. Machinery Maintenance, Payment of Agricultural Electricity Bill etc.

2. Amount and Repayment Period :

Details Amount Period
K.V.L. Rs.3.00 lacs 3 years (6 Half yearly installment)

3. Rate of Interest :=>Click Here

4. Inspection Fee :

The first time, the minimum amount of loan demand Rs 500 / - or the loan amount at the rate of 1% - which one is higher

5. Due Dates (Half Yearly)

  • 31st May and 30th November every year.
  • Out of total advances more than 50% share of Krushi Vikas Loan lies in total disbursement of the bank. Recovery percentage is also higher with compare to all other purposes.

Being a long term financial institution, our KVL scheme is different as compared to all other banks.

Above KVL loan is available in all our branches of the State in which KVL recovery percentage is higher than 80%.